Luxury Italian Dressing Tables

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Creativity and Functionality.. The Melodia writing desk is completely new to the Arredoclassic ran..
£2,499 £1,625
Ancient Secrets. This dressing table, extremely elegant with its compact and streamlined layout, i..
£2,835 £2,268
Regal Composure... The Leonardo dressing table stands out for its regal composure. A simple piece ..
£2,250 £1,795
The Virtue of Detailing.. The Liberty dressing table is a feature of great taste and simplicity. I..
£2,799 £2,235
Golden Embrace.. The Melodia dressing table experiments with new volumes, divided into two differe..
£3,395 £2,699
Harmonious DetailsThe Raffaello dressing table has an unusually light structure for this type ..
The Magic is in the DetailOne look at the elegant cut of the central panel transmits the style..
A Fairy-Tale Worth TellingThe dressing table seems straight out of a fairy-tale illustration. ..
Dynamic and Elegant... The use of a finish in shades of national walnut does anything but take awa..
£2,835 £2,265
The stunning luxury dressing table from our gorgeous intricate Italian collection, Miro, designed ..
£3,249 £2,599