Luxury Italian Dressing Tables

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Creativity and Functionality.. The Melodia writing desk is completely new to the Arredoclassic ran..
£2,499 £1,625
 Ancient Secrets. This dressing table, extremely elegant with its compact and streamlined l..
£2,835 £2,249
Regal Composure... The Leonardo dressing table stands out for its regal composure. A simple piece wh..
£2,250 £1,795
 The Virtue of Detailing.. The Liberty dressing table is a feature of great taste and simpl..
£2,799 £2,235
Golden Embrace.. The Melodia dressing table experiments with new volumes, divided into two differe..
£3,395 £2,699
 The Magic is in the Detail.. One look at the elegant cut of the central panel transmits th..
£3,375 £2,695
A Fairy-Tale Worth Telling.. The dressing table seems straight out of a fairy-tale illustration. T..
£2,899 £2,315
 Dynamic and Elegant... The use of a finish in shades of national walnut does anything but ..
£2,835 £2,265