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Creating a luxurious space for your family to come together at dinner time will make that special time you spend together feel even more special, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. In our impressive range of over 600 pieces, you’ll find a range of classic Italian dining room furniture as well as contemporary Italian dining room furniture.

Two of the best things to come out of Italy are interior design and food, so of course the country excels where the two come together: with Italian dining room furniture. Whether you’re a master chef looking for sleek modern Italian dining room furniture that will allow the meal to take centre stage, or want to make every mealtime feel as if you’re in a Michelin star restaurant with the very best classic Italian dining room furniture, you can’t go wrong with the selection here at Interiors Italia.

We have everything you need to fully kit out your dining space, with dining sets as well as separate tables and chairs for you to mix and match, as well as stylish sideboards and display cabinets for your finest crockery as well as Italian bar units so you can indulge in an aperitif or an after-dinner cocktail. Shop the range of traditional and contemporary dining room furniture online today!


The Best of Modern Italian Dining Room Furniture

Start off by considering what kind of table and chairs you need in order to make your dining space function at its best for your lifestyle. If you have a large family or love hosting dinner parties on a regular basis, we recommend sourcing the largest dining table that will fit in the space while still allowing people to comfortably walk around to their seat. If space is at a premium in this area of your home, we have some fantastic extending dining tables in our modern Italian dining room furniture collection that will open up the room when you need it.

There is also a fantastic choice of smaller tables in our modern and classic Italian dining room furniture ranges that are perfect for more intimate meal times – we especially love the round styles for creating an open, welcoming atmosphere where your family will get together and happily chat about their days. These circular tables are also great space savers and make for a wonderful breakfast nook for more informal meals right in your kitchen.

Across the traditional and contemporary Italian dining room furniture collections, you’ll find tables in a great variety of materials, all of which will create an entirely different look and feel in your dining space. For the opulent experience of high-end fine dining, you really can’t go wrong with the impressive look of stone or marble – natural materials are a fantastic choice in the dining room and are exceptionally easy to decorate around.

Glass top dining tables are an incredibly popular choice in our modern Italian dining room furniture, as they make the room look spacious and open. Or perhaps you prefer classic Italian dining room furniture? In this case, you’ll love our dark walnut wood dining tables. Whatever your personal style, we have a fantastic range of high-quality pieces available at great prices.

We also have a fantastic selection of stylish and comfortable Italian dining chairs for you to complement the table and complete the look of the room. The selection includes the best modern Italian dining room furniture as well as classic-style pieces and raised-height bar stools, so it’s incredibly easy to find the type of dining chair you need with the exact look you want.


Have Fun with Classic Italian Dining Room Furniture

Once you have the essential items sorted, it’s time to move on to the fun part: choosing beautiful cabinets, storage and accessories to complete the space and transform it into the social hub of your home. We have a gorgeous selection of display cabinets that make the perfect home for beautiful vases and gorgeous gifted wine glasses – many of these have a combination of open and covered storage, so you can hide away clutter while keeping useful items close at hand.

Our sideboards are also a really popular piece from the modern Italian dining room furniture collection – they offer a wealth of practical storage without taking up heaps of space. But perhaps our favourite classic Italian dining room furniture, and the one highest up on our own wish list, is the Italian bar units. With these full-height walk in storage and serving space, you can make your home the new destination for big nights in and parties with your loved ones. Available in four different styles, there’s plenty of storage for a well-stocked selection of your favourite tipples as well as shelving to stylishly display glassware too.

Whether you have a separate dining room or an open-plan space with the kitchen or living room, choosing the right furniture for you dining room can really impact how much you and your family enjoy your time together. It’s all about creating the right atmosphere, and a beautifully designed room will have you well on your way. With your choice of pieces from our modern Italian dining room furniture range, hosting dinner parties will become your greatest joy – and we won’t tell if you order the food in.


Buy High Quality Contemporary Italian Dining Room Furniture Today

Shop the range of traditional and modern Italian dining room furniture at Interiors Italia, and our professional couriers will bring it straight from our showroom to your home – even carrying it into your dining space for you. Some pieces of contemporary Italian dining room furniture are delivered flat packed to help you save on delivery – we are pleased to offer a professional assembly service for these items, where our expert fitters will build the items to the highest standards right where you want them, and leave your dining room ready to use.

Customer service is extremely important to us and we’re always happy to help in any way we can. If you have any questions about our modern or classic Italian dining room furniture, or any other products on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us today.